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Q&A #2

Q: When will be the next Clay Sullivan book be out?

A: With 2 Clay Sullivan books in less than 1 year, I would think people would be full of that fellow for now, but I have been asked this question multiple times. I said I wanted to take my time as I was writing "The Raven Conspiracy" and, while I am happy with the finished product, I feel it was a bit of a continuation of "Dead Man's Breath" in terms of tone and plot. I want "Book #3" to be different from the first two, but not completely unfamiliar. I have an outline and it is more of a hard-boiled whodunit than the first two.

I enjoy writing Clay Sullivan and hope to be able to do so for a long time to come. I have hinted at several aspects regarding his past and I believe it will be an entertaining journey as we explore them.

Another factor is that summer is fast approaching. Last summer was a wash, so I want to pack as many activities as possible into this upcoming one. Typically, I become a beach bum (or a "pool bum") in the summer so I doubt my productivity will be very high this year.

This short answer got a bit long, but I can't say definitively when we will see Clay Sullivan in full length novel form again.

Q: Do you plan to write non-mystery books/stories?

A: Yes.

As I have mentioned previously, I have several projects in various stages at all times. I have a non-fiction book that I am making my main priority, for reasons of timing. I plan/hope to have it out in 2022.

As to not burn myself out on one subject, I plan to continue to write short stories, but I confess that most of them will be in the mystery and crime fiction genre. I will submit some of these to various publications, something I have slacked off on doing lately.

The plan is to compile the unpublished short stories into an anthology book, which will likely include a Clay Sullivan short story or two.

I am also working on a non-mystery fiction book, that I would like to work on, uninterrupted, so it may have to wait until I retire, unless "The Raven Conspiracy" sells insanely well and I can become a full-time author.

Q: How can I get a signed copy of "The Raven Conspiracy"/"Dead Man's Breath"?

A: On June 5, from 11am until 1pm, I will signing at Fuzzy Dog Books & Music, located at 111 N. Charles Street in Charles Town, WV NEWS & EVENTS | Mysite (

Q: Why don't your books' covers look like typical book covers? (I paraphrased this from several similar questions)

A: I take this observation as a compliment, as many book covers seemingly have nothing to do with the actual story inside. Both of my covers have been done by a very talented graphic artist, Jose Camacho. To me, they have a vibe from the 60's, 70's, which is fitting since Clay Sullivan is a bit of a throwback himself. The covers also look more like paintings than book covers. In fact, the cover of "The Raven Conspiracy" is derived from a painting done by my youngest daughter, Sophia, which was in turn inspired by an aspect of the book. The original painting can be seen here.

Q: Who is your favorite wrestler?

A: Of all time, Bruiser Brody. Currently active, Jacob Fatu.

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