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"First you read"

If you read my midnight Facebook post from Thursday night/Friday morning, you know that I am experiencing some degree of writer's block.

It may be a coincidence that, barring an eleventh hour miracle, January will see the lowest sales of "Dead Man's Breath" since its release in September. That is putting it mildly. To be accurate, January sales have been virtually nonexistent. In one week, DMB's paperback Amazon Best Seller Ranking dropped over a million spots to the lowest (highest?) it's ever been.

I don't suppose any writer begins writing with the expectation of getting rich. Well, maybe some do, but I suspect they don't fare very well.

That being said, while I had no monetary goals for "Dead Man's Breath", the sales are an excellent way of keeping score, a validation, of sorts, to make the work seem appreciated. I have read other author's horror stories regarding sales and by comparison, DMB has fared very well and surpassed every goal I had set for it, so in that respect, I realize how blessed I have been.

Those who know me well are aware of my hatred for winter, cold weather, and snow. It will surprise them that I am actually hoping the threat of snow forecasted for our area next week comes to fruition. There's a popular saying among writers, "first you read, then you write". If it does snow, I will use that as an opportunity to dive into a book or two that I have been putting off for far too long.

Hopefully, it jumpstarts my writing. If not, at least, I got to spend a day reading. A better use of a snow day, I cannot imagine.

Thanks for reading and I'll talk to you soon.

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