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Q&A #3

I have received a few new questions and I thought now is a good time to answer them here.

If you weren't a writer, what would you want to be?

This is a tough one. While technically I am a writer, it doesn't yet pay the bills. Luckily, my current vocation as a bail bondsman/process server/et al is one I enjoy.

If I could not write or do my current job for some reason, I would love to be the drummer in Ashley McBryde's band.

Being a beach bum is a favorable option, as well.

Do you cook (the food in) the pictures you post on Instagram?

Unless otherwise noted, yes, I cook/prepare the food in the photos I post on my Instagram ( Tyler Cates (@tylercatesauthor) • Instagram photos and videos ). At certain times, Cooking is a stress reliever for me. At other times, it is the source of stress.

When will you be doing a book signing?

I actually received this question when I was on my way home from the Fredericksburg Independent Book Festival on June 17. I thought I had plugged that one ad nauseum, but apparently not. Follow me on social media to stay up to date on my (few and far between) public appearances. Links can be found at Tyler Cates | Mysite (

I anticipate doing another signing in 2023. Stay tuned for details...

When are you bringing Primal Conflict Wrestling back?

I get this question often. The simple answer is never.

I've learned to never say never, especially when it comes to the wrestling business, but I think it is safe to say that my days as a promoter are firmly in the rear-view mirror. To run a successful promotion, even a small one, it requires a time investment that I am no longer able nor willing to put in.

As far as something else related to pro wrestling, stay tuned....

If you have a question that you would like me to answer, send it via CONTACT | Mysite (

Now on to the regularly scheduled questions:

What am I listening to?

Right now, I am really into Blackberry Smoke, after I saw them live last Friday. I have yet to find a song of theirs that I do not like.

Also, I love Ashley McBryde's new tune, "Learned To Lie".

I always have a rotation of classic artists like Foreigner, Night Ranger, CCR, etc. in my playlist.

What am I reading?

As I have mentioned, I am reading my way through Michael Connelly's bibliography. I am currently up to "The Fifth Witness". If you would like to keep track of what I am reading at any given time, follow me on Goodreads

What am I watching?

Currently, I am watching the second season of "Joe Pickett" on Paramount+.

Looking forward to a new season of "The Lincoln Lawyer" (based on "The Fifth Witness") and a reboot of Timothy Olyphant's iconic performance as Raylan Givens in "Justified: City Primeval" in July.

Interestingly, all three of these shows are based on books.

Thanks for reading and I'll talk to you soon.

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