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It's time for my obligatory blog entry on my vigorous "as-I-feel-like" schedule. I don't know when my next entry will be as I am about to sequester myself (aside from work) to finish several projects that I have neglected, but I believe deserve my full, undivided attention. Let's face it, I haven't published anything new in almost a year and to be a writer, one must write.

As I write this, the sting of the Lady Vols loss to Louisville in the Sweet 16 round of the NCAA Women's basketball tournament is still fresh. It made me think about how much of a rollercoaster ride being a fan is. After years of fanatical support of my various professional favorite teams, I gave up on the NFL, MLB, and the NBA several years ago, due to several factors. However, my love of all things Tennessee Volunteer remains intact. The Lady Vols had a great season, despite the less-than-ideal ending, and I am extremely proud of this group of women. There's always next year....

I was able to make to Knoxville earlier this month for the last game of the Men's season when they beat the amazing Arkansas team.

Unfortunately, the Men's team met a similar fate at the hands of Michigan in the Round of 32 and the question of which players will return and which will move on is a specter that will loom over the program for the next couple of months.

The good thing about collegiate sports is one sport or another is almost always in season. The softball and baseball teams are both playing extremely well, and I hope to make it back to Knoxville in the coming weeks to attend a game of each. HOPEFULLY, a trip to Oklahoma City and/or Omaha is in the cards, as well.

I am currently reading "Mindhunter" by John Douglas and Mark Olshaker. While very informative, it is not exactly a "feel good" read. If you are interested in what I read, I'm on Goodreads

As readers of this blog may remember, I love attending concerts. While in Knoxville, I attended my 4th Cody Jinks concert, who had Brent Cobb (my 3rd time seeing him) and Jordan Foster on the bill. If you haven't heard of Cody, I implore you to check him out.

Last week, I attended a Great White and Slaughter concert. As a devout metalhead in my youth, I was looking forward to this show. Unfortunately, it was a disappointing evening. I won't criticize the performers as the shortcomings of the show weren't necessarily anyone's fault.

In the coming months, I have tickets for Firehouse, Jackyl, Colt Ford, Black Stone Cherry, Small Town Titans, and Jamey Johnson. Hoping to add a few more this summer.

In February, I made a game time decision to travel to Charlotte, North Carolina and the historic Grady Cole Center for Major League Wrestling's "SuperFight". It was the first live wrestling event I have attended since I left the wrestling business myself in December 2019. I am a big fan of the majority of the MLW product, in particular Jacob Fatu, Alexander Hammerstone, Mads Krugger, the Von Erichs, and Calvin Tankman. Overall, it was a good time and I encourage you to watch MLW Fusion on YouTube or BEiN Sports. That is, if you are a wrestling fan.

The weather has been all over the place as of late, but warm weather is almost here to stay, and I look forward to getting some hiking and kayaking in VERY soon.

Well, I had better wrap this up and get back to writing so I can get all this traveling, concert attending, hiking, and kayaking in.

Thanks for reading and I'll talk to you all....sometime.

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