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Update and a FAQ

You may have noticed that "Dead Man's Breath" is available for pre-order for Kindle via Amazon. There is a link on the Books page, as well as on my social media platforms. Links to my Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram can be at the bottom of this page.

I have been asked to describe my writing style. That is a tough question to answer because I certainly don't want to compare myself to authors that I admire and am inspired by., as I know I will fall short of those comparisons. I suppose the best way to answer that question is that I write pretty much the way I talk. If you don't know me personally, that doesn't tell you anything. If I'm being honest, verbally I tend to go a million miles an hour in every direction at once. I weave profanity and "Appalachian slang" into a verbal tapestry with antiquated lingo and obscure references. I hope that helps.

While "Dead Man's Breath" is still about 2 weeks away from being released, I am hard at work on the follow up, which will stay with our "hero" Clay Sullivan. DMB has been a learning experience for my team and I look forward to working out the kinks in the process on our next project.

Thank you for reading and I'll see you down the road!

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