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What's Next?

Updated: Dec 17, 2020

Without question or exaggeration, I've lead a very charmed life. The old saying, "Jack of all trades. Master of none" , comes to mind.

During my first 46 years, I've been a pro wrestler, manager, commentator, referee, ring announcer, ring crew, promoter, matchmaker, TV producer. Virtually everything related to wrestling, I have done at one point or another.

I've worked in factories and fields; in bars and barns.; supermarkets and warehouses. I've ridden bulls & broncs; dabbled in acting, with one movie on my resume; traveled more of the world than most people ever get the chance to.

I am an ordained minister and have been honored to have officiated several weddings and entrusted with conducting funeral services for loved ones.

My profession now is a bit cloudy, as I work as a bail bondsman, process server, fugitive recovery agent, personal security, and private investigator. I need to come up with a catch-all term for what I do.

Of course, I am also an author, with one novel under my belt.

After "Dead Man's Breath" was released, a friend asked me what I was going to tackle next. Maybe politics? Ribbon dancing?

I certainly don't have the patience for the idiocy that is politics and I'm not even sure what ribbon dancing is.

The truth is I do enjoy tackling new challenges. I thrive on doing what seems impossible or unlikely. It may sound boastful and egotistical, but if I tell you that we're going to fly to Mars, pack your suitcase.

All that being said, I want to be a writer. A full-time professional writer. I want to leave a body of work that future generations enjoy.

I've been asked many times, "What is your goal with 'Dead Man's Breath'?"

My first goal was to get it in print.


Next I wanted to sell ONE copy.


Then 5, 10, 20, 30.

All done.

Now my goal for DMB is to see sustained sales and good reviews. There is a writer's association that I covet membership in and one of the requirements is a certain number of sales. If "Dead Man's Breath" were to sell enough to qualify me for membership, I will consider it a rousing success.

Once one goal is reached, I will set a new one. I would love to have a book available in hardback form. There is a mystery magazine that I would be honored to have a short story published in. Making enough from writing to live on would be nice.

The moral of this blog, other than I may have a touch of ADD, is that anything is possible, if you set your mind to it and block out the voices, both internal and external, that say you can't do it.

Take care and I'll talk to you soon.

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