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Who is Tyler Cates?

Updated: Sep 7, 2020

I figured that would be a fitting topic for my first blog post. To fully answer that question is not possible and certainly not possible in a blog, but I thought we could hit the high spots, so to speak.

The majority of my adult life was spent involved in the crazy world of professional wrestling. While I do not plan to write about that subject, it is an aspect of my life I am very proud of. Childhood heroes became friends, or as close as you get to friends in the wrestling business. I am proud of what I accomplished and equally proud of those I was able to help on their own journeys.

For roughly the last decade, I have worked in the criminal justice system. I have been and am a bail bondsman, fugitive recovery agent, investigator, process server, personal protection, you name it. Much of my work is tedious and boring. That is not to say, some of it hasn't been exciting, dangerous, and inspirational to my writing.

The University of Tennessee is a borderline obsession for me, despite never attending the school. I love the city of Knoxville, the people, the football, softball, men's and women's basketball teams, everything.

Music is constantly playing, whether I am writing, driving, or at my office as I am now. As focused as my fandom is on UT, my tastes in music are equally diverse. I listen to and enjoy everything from 80's hair bands (Cinderella, Skid Row) to rap (Tupac, DMX) to 70's rock (CCR, Bob Seger) to GOOD country (Merle, George Strait) to Motown (Marvin Gaye, Sam & Dave). I go through phases and right now I am really into Mark Chesnutt, Daryle Singletary, Ward Davis, Cody Jinks, Anderson East, Blaze Foley, Tracy Lawrence, Brent Cobb, Tyler Childers, I could go on and on.

Swimming, reading (surprise), movies & television (Yellowstone and The Alienist are my current favorites), cooking & eating occupy the majority of my free time. I hope to add traveling to this list once the Covid mess is straightened out. The city of New Orleans and any beach are my favorite destinations.

Thank you for taking the time to read this blog!

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